The UCAC5 catalogue is available on Gaia@AIP now!

The main data (zones table) and the Gaia-NOMAD data both have Gaia DR1 source_id. Additionally, to make things easier for statistical research, we added the same random_index as in gaia_source.

Click on the link to see the description of the UCAC5 catalogue.

The RAVE DR5 cross match with TGAS is available on Gaia@AIP now!

Here is the description of the RAVE and the DR5 table.

Feel free to explore and get back to us with any feedback you have.

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ESA-Weltraumteleskop Gaia: Erste Himmelskarte mit einer Milliarde Sternen

The first Gaia data release GDR1 is now available for the public. The AIP hosts the Gaia data as one of the external data centers along with the main Gaia archive maintained by ESAC.

Watch the Press Conference from ESA’s Gaia Mission .

Gaia@AIP hosts the data from Gaia data releases in sharded MariaDB database nodes. The data can be queried directly using the Structured Query Language SQL, so you can retrieve only the data subset you interested in. After registration, you can use the Query Form to perform your query. We also prepared a set of examples for you to get started.

For more information please look up the Documentation or for even more details GAIA DATA RELEASE 1 (GAIA DR1) at ESA.

A press event will take place at ESAC on the day of the release (September 14) which you will be able to follow through Youtube (details will follow later). During the press event the Gaia archive will be opened and this will happen at 12.30 CEST.

The url for the archive will be

On Sep 14 there will also be a new release of Gaia Sky (with the TGAS catalogue included) so that everyone can do their own animations.

The first Gaia data release is almost there. The archive will be opened to the public on 14th of September at 12:30 simultaneously at ESAC archive and the external data centres.

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