Catalogues available on Gaia@AIP

The AIP hosts the Gaia data as one of the external data centres along with the main Gaia archive maintained by ESAC. Along with the Gaia data releases we provide auxiliary catalogues for cross match purposes. More auxiliary catalogues such as APOGEE will be put online in the near future.

Gaia datasets available on Gaia@AIP

Auxiliary catalogues on Gaia@AIP

The auxiliary catalogues for the cross match purposes are the following:

  • TYCHO2
  • The Tycho-2 Catalogue is an astrometric reference catalog containing positions and proper motions as well as two-colour photometric data for the 2.5 million brightest stars in the sky. The Tycho-2 positions and magnitudes are based on precisely the same observations as the original Tycho Catalogue (hereafter Tycho-1; see CDS Cat. I/239) collected by the star mapper of the ESA Hipparcos satellite, but Tycho-2 is much bigger and slightly more precise, owing to a more advanced reduction technique. Components of double stars with separations down to 0.8 arcsec are included. Proper motions precise to about 2.5 mas/yr are given as derived from a comparison with the Astrographic Catalogue and 143 other ground-based astrometric catalogs, all reduced to the Hipparcos celestial coordinate system. Tycho-2 supersedes in most applications Tycho-1, as well as the ACT (CDS Cat. I/246) and the TRC (CDS Cat. I/250) catalogs based on Tycho-1.

  • RAVE DR5
  • Data Release 5 (DR5) of the Radial Velocity Experiment (RAVE) is the fifth data release from a magnitude-limited (9< I < 12) survey of stars randomly selected in the southern hemisphere. The RAVE medium-resolution spectra (R~7500) covering the Ca-triplet region (8410-8795 A) span the complete time frame from the start of RAVE observations in 2003 to their completion in 2013. Radial velocities from 520,781 spectra of 457,588 unique stars are presented, of which 218,846 unique stars have have parallaxes and proper motions from the Tycho-Gaia astrometric solution (TGAS) in Gaia DR1. For our main DR5 catalog, stellar parameters (effective temperature, surface gravity, overall metallicity) are computed using the RAVE DR4 stellar pipeline, but calibrated using recent K2 Campaign 1 seismic gravities and Gaia benchmark stars, as well as results obtained from high-resolution studies. Also included are temperatures from the Infrared Flux Method, and we provide a catalogue of red giant stars in the dereddened color (J-Ks)_0 interval (0.50,0.85) for which the gravities were calibrated based only on seismology. Further data products for sub-samples of the RAVE stars include individual abundances for Mg, Al, Si, Ca, Ti, Fe, and Ni, and distances found using isochrones. Each RAVE spectrum is complemented by an error spectrum, which has been used to determine uncertainties on the parameters. The data can be accessed via the RAVE Web site or the Vizier database. From

  • Available now
  • UCAC5 main data

    Gaia - NOMAD data, additional stars not included in the zones catalogue

  • We will upload the APOGEE catalogue in the near future.

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