Catalogues available on Gaia@AIP

The AIP hosts the Gaia data as one of the external data centers along with the main Gaia archive maintained by ESAC. Along with the Gaia data releases we provide auxiliary catalogues for cross match purposes. More auxiliary catalogues will be put online in the near future.

Gaia datasets available on Gaia@AIP

  • The second Gaia Data Release – available from 25. April 2018
  • The Second Gaia Data Release is scheduled for publishing for the 25th of April 2018. It contains radial velocities, blue and red photometries, proper motions and parallaxes.

  • The first Gaia Data Release
    The First Gaia Data Release is available for the public from 14.09.2016. It contains positions, G mean magnitudes and proper motions and parallaxes from Tycho2 for corresponding Gaia sources.

Auxiliary catalogues on Gaia@AIP – available again soon

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Additional to the Gaia data we host catalogues for cross match purposes – that’s what SQL does best.

  • TYCHO2
    The astrometric reference Tycho2 catalogue contain positions, proper motions, and two-color photometric data for the 2,539,913 of the brightest stars in the Milky Way.
  • RAVE DR5
    RAVE is to date one of the largest spectroscopic surveys of Milky Way stars available to the community. It enables to study the Milky Way morphology and history through stellar spectroscopic observations combined with astrometric databases.
  • UCAC5
    The US Naval Observatory (USNO) has a long history of providing accurate astrometric data for millions of stars from their own observations plus other data.
  • We will upload the APOGEE catalogue in the near future.