This table is part of the Gaia Object Generator 11 database. Plese refer to Luri et al. (2014) for details.


solutionIdbigintSolution identifier
sourceIdbigintSource identifier
bpMean_constFlagtinyintMean BP photometry: Constant source flag
bpMean_constLevelfloatMean BP photometry: Constant source level
bpMean_fluxErrdoubleFlux[e/s]Mean BP photometry: Error on fluxMean
bpMean_fluxMeandoubleFlux[e/s]Mean BP photometry: Mean flux
bpMean_fluxUwvdoubleMean BP photometry: Unit weight variance of fluxes
bpMean_nObsintMean BP photometry: Number of observations
gMean_constFlagtinyintMean G photometry: Constant source flag
gMean_constLevelfloatMean G photometry: Constant source level
gMean_fluxErrdoubleFlux[e/s]Mean G photometry: Error on fluxMean
gMean_fluxMeandoubleFlux[e/s]Mean G photometry: Mean flux
gMean_fluxUwvdoubleMean G photometry: Unit weight variance of fluxes
gMean_nObsintMean G photometry: Number of observations
rpMean_constFlagtinyintMean RP photometry: Constant source flag
rpMean_constLevelfloatMean RP photometry: Constant source level
rpMean_fluxErrdoubleFlux[e/s]Mean RP photometry: Error on fluxMean
rpMean_fluxMeandoubleFlux[e/s]Mean RP photometry: Mean flux
rpMean_fluxUwvdoubleMean RP photometry: Unit weight variance of fluxes
rpMean_nObsintMean RP photometry: Number of observations
colMeanfloatColour constancy level
noiseFlagsmallintNoise level flag

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