Gaia data releases

Release When Data available
GDR1 14.09.2016
  • Positions: ra, ra_error, dec, dec_error
  • G mean magnitudes: phot_g_mean_mag
  • Proper motions and parallaxes from Tycho2 for corresponding Gaia sources (tgas_source):
    pmra, pmra_error, pmdec, pmdec_error
GDR2 25.04.2018
  • Five parameter astrometric solution: Positions (ra, dec), parallaxes and proper motion
  • Radial velocities
  • GBP and GRP magnitudes, full passband definitions for G, BP and RP
  • Effective temperatures Teff for more than 161 million sources brighter than 17th magnitude
  • Epoch astrometry for 14,099 known solar system objects
  • Classifications for more than 550,000 variable sources
GDR3 tbc
  • Orbital parameters
  • Blue and red photometries  
GDR4 tbc
Final release 2022

For more detailed information please check the ESA Gaia data release scenario.