Gaia@AIP updated!

Dear Gaia Community,

We have the pleasure to announce that our services have seen considerable improvement.
Some are fixes and are improvements:

  • General performances tuning for all tables.
  • Specific gaiaedr3.gaia_source performances tuning.
  • The releases gdr2, gdr2_contrib and gdr1 were renamed to gaiadr2, gaiadr2_contrib and gaiadr1 respectively.
  • FITs export is back.
  • Cone-search web interface now works on gaia_source of Gaia EDR3
  • Cone-serach API can now access various tables: gaiaedr3.gaia_source, gaiaedr3.gaia_source_simulation, gaiadr2.gaia_source, gaiadr1.gaia_source
  • A few other improvements in queue management.

We hope you’ll enjoy these and we wish you all a nice weekend.

Your Gaia@AIP team

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