Non-available features

Dear Gaia community,

After identifying some issues with our services, we would like to announce that two features are currently not available:

  1. export to FIT files
  2. Cone search from the web interface

We are working hard to re-establish these services as soon as possible. In the mean time here are the possible work around:

Exporting to FITs file, work around

You can download your results as VOTable and export them to the FIT format using astropy:

from import parse_single_table
table = parse_single_table("votable.xml").to_table()
table.write('table.fits', format='fits')

Cone search, work around

The Cone Search can be simulated within the web interface as follow:

SELECT * FROM gaiaedr3.gaia_source
WHERE pos @ scircle(spoint(RADIANS(<ra>), RADIANS(<dec>)), RADIANS(<radius>))

Where <ra>, <dec>, <radius> are the right-ascension, declination and radius of your search, respectively. To make it work remember to choose the ADQL language and a queue of 2h.

We hope it helps,

Your Gaia team @ AIP

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