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Gaia Early third data release (GaiaEDR3)

The Gaia Early Data Release 3 (EDR3) enhances the DR2 catalogs by 118.79 million objects for a total of more than 1.8 billion sources. The EDR3 release delivers an overall improvement in sky-coverage and a great improvement in precision of both astrometric and photometric measurements. Gaia EDR3 data is based on data collected between 25 July 2014 and 28 May 2017, spanning a period of 34 months of data collection by the Gaia satellite.

More information is available at the AIP Gaia project website and ESA Gaia archive.

Gaia second data release (GaiaDR2)

The second data release of the Gaia mission was published on 25 April 2018. As with the first release, the data was simultaneously released through all Partner Data Centres including Gaia@AIP.

Gaia first data release (GaiaDR1)

The first release catalog includes positions and G-band magnitudes for more than a billion sources. The five-parameter astrometric solution (positions, parallaxes and proper motions) is available for over 2 million stars that are shared between Gaia and Tycho-2 and Hipparcos catalogs.

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