Variable Sources: Eclipsing Binaries (gaiadr3.vari_eclipsing_binary)

The table has 2184477 rows, 39 columns.


This table describes the properties of the eclipsing binaries resulting from the variability analysis.


If you have used Gaia data in your research, please use the following acknowledgement:

This work has made use of data from the European Space Agency (ESA) mission Gaia (, processed by the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC, Funding for the DPAC has been provided by national institutions, in particular the institutions participating in the Gaia Multilateral Agreement.

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Name Type UCD Unit Description
solution_id long meta.version Solution Identifier
source_id long
Unique source identifier
global_ranking float stat.param Number between 0 (worst) and 1 (best)
reference_time double time.epoch d Reference time used for the geometric model fit
frequency double src.orbital d**-1 Frequency of geometric model of the eclipsing binary light curve
frequency_error float stat.error d**-1 Uncertainty of <tt>frequency</tt>
geom_model_reference_level float phot.mag
mag Magnitude reference level of geometric model
geom_model_reference_level_error float stat.error
mag Uncertainty of <tt>geomModelReferenceLevel</tt>
geom_model_gaussian1_phase float time.phase Phase of the Gaussian 1 component
geom_model_gaussian1_phase_error float stat.error
Uncertainty of <tt>geomModelGaussian1Phase</tt>
geom_model_gaussian1_sigma float stat.stdev Standard deviation [phase] of Gaussian 1 component
geom_model_gaussian1_sigma_error float stat.error Uncertainty of <tt>geomModelGaussian1Sigma</tt>
geom_model_gaussian1_depth float src.var.amplitude mag Magnitude depth of Gaussian 1 component
geom_model_gaussian1_depth_error float stat.error
mag Uncertainty of <tt>geomModelGaussian1Depth</tt>
geom_model_gaussian2_phase float time.phase Phase of Gaussian 2 component
geom_model_gaussian2_phase_error float stat.error
Uncertainty of <tt>geomModelGaussian2Phase</tt>
geom_model_gaussian2_sigma float stat.stdev Standard deviation [phase] of Gaussian 2 component
geom_model_gaussian2_sigma_error float stat.error Uncertainty of <tt>geomModelGaussian2Sigma</tt>
geom_model_gaussian2_depth float src.var.amplitude mag Magnitude depth of Gaussian2 component
geom_model_gaussian2_depth_error float stat.error
mag Uncertainty of <tt>geomModelGaussian2Depth</tt>
geom_model_cosine_half_period_amplitude float src.var.amplitude mag Amplitude of the cosine component with half the period of the geometric model
geom_model_cosine_half_period_amplitude_error float stat.error
mag Uncertainty of <tt>geomModelCosineHalfPeriodAmplitude</tt>
geom_model_cosine_half_period_phase float time.phase Reference phase of the cosine component with half the period of the geometric model
geom_model_cosine_half_period_phase_error float stat.error
Uncertainty of <tt>geomModelCosineHalfPeriodPhase</tt>
model_type char meta.code.class Type of geometrical model of the light curve
num_model_parameters short Number of free parameters of the geometric model
reduced_chi2 float Reduced Chi2 of the geometrical model fit
derived_primary_ecl_phase float time.phase Primary eclipse: phase at geometrically deepest point
derived_primary_ecl_phase_error float stat.error
Primary eclipse: uncertainty of <tt>derivedPrimaryEclPhase</tt>
derived_primary_ecl_duration float time.duration Primary eclipse: duration [phase fraction]
derived_primary_ecl_duration_error float stat.error
Primary eclipse: uncertainty of <tt>derivedPrimaryEclDuration</tt>
derived_primary_ecl_depth float src.var.amplitude mag Primary eclipse: depth
derived_primary_ecl_depth_error float stat.error
mag Primary eclipse: uncertainty of <tt>derivedPrimaryEclDepth</tt>
derived_secondary_ecl_phase float time.phase Secondary eclipse: phase at geometrically second deepest point
derived_secondary_ecl_phase_error float stat.error
Secondary eclipse: uncertainty of <tt>derivedSecondaryEclPhase</tt>
derived_secondary_ecl_duration float time.duration Secondary eclipse: duration [phase fraction]
derived_secondary_ecl_duration_error float stat.error
Secondary eclipse: uncertainty of <tt>derivedSecondaryEclDuration</tt>
derived_secondary_ecl_depth float src.var.amplitude mag Secondary eclipse: depth
derived_secondary_ecl_depth_error float stat.error
mag Secondary eclipse: uncertainty of <tt>derivedSecondaryEclDepth</tt>