Gaia Universe Model (gaiadr3.gaia_universe_model)

The table has 4378665080 rows, 43 columns.


Table of simulated galactic stars according to the Gaia Universal Model Simulation (GUMS). True values of the intrinsic simulated quantities (astrometry, photometry and physical parameters) for the sources generated by GOG using the Universe Model are given. No errors are added.


If you have used Gaia data in your research, please use the following acknowledgement:

This work has made use of data from the European Space Agency (ESA) mission Gaia (, processed by the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC, Funding for the DPAC has been provided by national institutions, in particular the institutions participating in the Gaia Multilateral Agreement.

More information can be found on the credit and citation instructions page.


Name Type UCD Unit Description
source_extended_id char meta.number Extended source identifier
source_id long
Long Identifier
solution_id long meta.version Solution Identifier
ra double pos.eq.ra deg Right Ascension
dec double pos.eq.dec deg Declination
barycentric_distance float pos.distance pc Barycentric distance to the simulated source
pmra float
mas.yr**-1 Proper motion along right ascension
pmdec float
mas.yr**-1 Proper motion along declination
radial_velocity float spect.dopplerVeloc.opt
km.s**-1 Radial Velocity
mag_g float phot.mag
mag Mean Apparent G magnitude
mag_bp float phot.mag
mag Mean Apparent BP magnitude
mag_rp float phot.mag
mag Mean Apparent RP magnitude
mag_rvs float phot.mag
mag Mean Apparent RVS magnitude
v_i float phot.color
mag (V-I) color
mean_absolute_v float phot.mag
mag Mean Absolute V magnitude
ag float phys.absorption
mag Absorption in G
av float phys.absorption
mag Absorption in V
teff float phys.temperature.effective K Effective temperature
spectral_type char src.spType spectral class + luminosity class
logg float phys.gravity log(cm.s**-2) Surface gravity
feh float phys.abund.Fe "dex" Metallicity
alphafe float phys.abund "dex" Alpha elements
mbol float phot.mag.bol mag Absolute bolometric magnitude
age float time.age Gyr Age
mass float phys.mass solMass Mass
radius float phys.size.radius solRad Radius
vsini float phys.veloc.rotat km.s**-1 Rotational velocity
population integer meta.code.member Population
has_photocenter_motion boolean meta.code.status Boolean describing if the photocenter has or not motion
nc integer meta.number Number of components
nt integer meta.number Total number of object
semimajor_axis float src.orbital AU Semi major axis
eccentricity float src.orbital.eccentricity Eccentricity
inclination float src.orbital.inclination deg Inclination
longitude_ascending_node float pos.bodyrc.lon deg Longitude of ascending node
orbit_period float src.orbital d Period of the orbit
periastron_date float src.orbital.periastron d Date of periastron
periastron_argument float src.orbital.periastron deg Periastron argument
variability_type char src.var Variability type
variability_amplitude float src.var
mag Amplitude of variability
variability_period float src.var
d Period of variability
variability_phase float src.var
Phase of variability
r_env_r_star float meta Envelope characterisic for Be stars