non-single-star (NSS) orbital models compatible with a trend (gaiadr3.nss_non_linear_spectro)

The table has 56808 rows, 16 columns.


This table contains non-single-star orbital models for spectroscopic binaries compatible with a trend. Several possible models are hosted within the same table and they are indicated by the field nss_solution_type. The description of this latter lists all possible solution types considered for this release. Only a selection of parameters hosted in this table are provided here, depending on the solution. The details of those is given in the description of field bit_index, which can also be used to extract the relevant elements of the correlation vector corr_vec. Details about the formalism used to derive the parameters in this table are given in the on-line documentation, see Chapter cu4nss.


If you have used Gaia data in your research, please use the following acknowledgement:

This work has made use of data from the European Space Agency (ESA) mission Gaia (, processed by the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC, Funding for the DPAC has been provided by national institutions, in particular the institutions participating in the Gaia Multilateral Agreement.

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Name Type UCD Unit Description
solution_id long meta.version Solution Identifier
source_id long
Source Identifier
nss_solution_type char meta.record NSS model adopted
mean_velocity double phys.veloc km.s**-1 Mean velocity
mean_velocity_error float stat.error
km.s**-1 Standard error of Mean velocity
first_deriv_velocity double phys.acceleration Km.s**-1.d**-1 First order derivative of the velocity
first_deriv_velocity_error float stat.error
Km.s**-1.d**-1 Standard error of First order derivative of the velocity
second_deriv_velocity double phys.acceleration Km.s**-1.d**-2 Second order derivative of the velocity
second_deriv_velocity_error float stat.error
Km.s**-1.d**-2 Standard error of Second order derivative of the velocity
rv_n_obs_primary integer meta.number Total number of radial velocities considered for the primary
rv_n_good_obs_primary integer meta.number Total number of radial velocities actually used for the primary
bit_index long meta.code.status Boolean mask for the fields above in the corrVec matrix
corr_vec float[] stat.correlation Vector form of the upper triangle of the correlation matrix
obj_func float Value of the objective function at the solution
goodness_of_fit float Goodness of fit in the Hipparcos sense
flags long meta.code.status Quality flag for the achieved NSS solution