Datalink Viewer

The Datalink service (see also: technical specifications allows to gather information about a specific object or datasets. For instance get all the informations about a specific Gaia source, about a Gaia Release, a Gaia catalogue...

To query the datalink service you can:

  • query the url:<id> where <id> is the identification of the object you want to gather information from.
  • with PyVO: see documentation.
  • with TOPCAT: see documentation.

Datalink service returns xml files which are not very human-friendly that is why at AIP we also provide a datalink viewer:<id>

Possible IDs are:

  • source_id of a source, i.e.: 6030020833890259584
  • catalog name, i.e.: gaiadr3.gaia_source
  • release name, i.e.: gaiadr3

The Datalink viewer can be accessed from the web query interface. After submiting a query, navigate to the results tab and click on the source_id to directly access the datalink viewer.

Please be aware that the datalink content will increase with time according to usage and requests, so in case your use case is not covered please feel free to contact us.