RVS Spectra viewer

The radial velocity spectra are high resolution spectra (2000 bins) at rest from XX nm to XX nm. Due to their high resolution nature, it is of interest to be able to explore the spectra interactively: zoom, cuts... This led us to create an interactive spectra viewer.

The viewer is directly accessible at: https://gaia.aip.de/viewer/rvs_spectra/<source_id>

However, it is also accessible via the Datalink viewer. Additionally, if you accessed the datalink viewer via the web query interface the results of your query will be propagated and the rvs spectra viewer will allow you to browse through the source_id of your query.

The rvs spectra viewer is still under development, so in case you find bugs, have issues, feedback, or missing features, feel free to contact us. We will be delighted to improve our services.