Simple Join Service (SJS)

At Gaia@AIP we offer a custom service called Simple Join Service. For users familliar with the Gaia Datalink Job service of ESAC: this works similarly.

The Simple Join Service service allows you to mine a sub-selection of a catalog, providing only a list of source_ids.

It works as follow:

  1. select a list of source_id you are interrested in ( currently limited to max. 2000 source_id)
  2. select the catalog you want to "mine" (JOIN in SQL)
  3. select the format of the file to generate: .votable or .ecsv (ECSV format: enhanced csv format, with metadata included).
  4. select how the data should be structured: one file per source (INDIVIDUAL) or all sources in a single file (COMBINED).
  5. submit your request to the SJS.

The Simple Join Service is particularly interesting for accessing Xp Spectra, for more detail to spectra access please refer to documentation.

At Gaia@AIP the Simple Join Service allows you to mine the following tables:

  • gaiadr3.xp_sample_mean_spectrum
  • gaiadr3.xp_continuous_mean_spectrum
  • gaiadr3.rvs_spectrum
  • gaiadr3.mcmc_samples_msc
  • gaiadr3.mcmc_samples_gsp_phot
  • gaiadr3.epoch_photometry
  • gaiadr2.epoch_photometry

The simple Join service can be accessed via the Query interface:

SJS has also a standard UWS interface and can be queried via PyVO or TOPCAT: (see Technical specifications).

The Simple Join Service is still actively in development, so in case you find bugs, have issues, feed backs, or missing features, feel free to contact us. We will be delighted to improve our services.